To ensure the delivery of purer and healthier water, a microprocessor is installed that takes care of the following functions:
UV Stabilization Delay: To ensure that the UV lamp is pre-heated and the working is done at its optimum before it is about to starts disinfecting water and keeping it safe from the bacteria’s, the controller provides a two-second delay to UV lamp when a purifier it as it is switched on. During this process, the UV lamp is on and all other electrical devices of purifier are switched off and no water flows through the outlets.
Purification Delay: To ensure that the water lying in the internal pipes and the UV chamber is thoroughly disinfected before being passed onto the storage tank, the system provides approximately 5 seconds Purification Delay when the purifier is switched on. During this period, all electrical devices except UV lamp are switched off and UV lamp kills the micro-organisms present in water inside the UV chamber. After this delay, all other electrical devices such as solenoid valve etc, get activated and the normal purification process starts.

Inclusions & Exclusions

  • Consumables parts (if used) will be charged extra apart from the repair cost.
  • Warranty on consumables and parts will be as per manufacturer only and ALL IN 1 Services won’t be any way responsible for the parts warranty.
  • ALL IN 1 Services provides a 10 days warranty on the service provided.
  • For any repair work, a quote will be given before the work starts which won’t be negotiable.
  • ALL IN 1 Services will not be liable for any of the old issues/potential risks reported by the technician and those won’t be handled due to customer refusal to repair the same in the process.
  • All spare part prices differ from models and depend upon availability.
  • Warranty against the work done and not the spare parts.
  • Warranty does not cover damage due to water, high voltage fluctuations or any alteration or tempered by third-party technicians.
  • Plastic, Rubber Parts, Accessories are not covered under Warranty.
  • Cleaning of appliances is not covered in AMC.
  • Unnecessary visit calls shall be chargeable
  • Please ask for and depend on the bill from our Service Engineer or Technicians.
  • Warranty against valid Bill only.
  • Condition apply.

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