Welcome to our product ALL IN 1 Services. This is the product of V-Care Welfare Association (N.G.O) providing household services to end users. These Services are provided through Call, Web and Mobile services. V-care Welfare association (N.G.O) vision is to work for various communities striving for basic needs of life irrespective of disables in various fields like Education, poverty, medical help, sports and the basic healthy environment is the vision and perspective of this organization.

The platitude to deliver Employment to various skilled labour for the betterment of society & to get one-click solutions for every Electrical/Electronic repair and maintenance on the go, V-Care Welfare Association (N.G.O) has established ALL IN 1 Services. ALL IN 1 Services is based at Office No. 4 Shreekrishna Apartment, Opp. T.B.Z. Jeweller’s Naupada, Thane. (West) – 400602.

GO through the terms and condition in order to know the details of the information we will receive. By using any of our household services, you confirm that you have gone through and you very well have understood and agreed to this privacy policy. On non-acceptance of this policy, please never use any of our services. If you have any inquired doubt feel free to contact us or email us and we would reach to you back soon.

Details we get while acquiring our online services, we may collect your personal details and other information from you as mentioned below. Wherever we are collecting this above information, we may provide a link to this terms and conditions.

By providing the above information, you are giving your consent to use this information to provide you services in return accepting the agreement of privacy policy.

ALL IN 1 Services will collect the information and keep it safely stored in the database which will be maintained by officials. The Services may be used to keep track of various services provided regarding various appliance and other services, for example, the total number of users of our Services, the number of visitors to each page of our Site and the domain names of our visitors' Internet service providers. It is important that you note no private information will be collected during the process.

Our Use of Your Personal Data and Other Information:

  • To register your complaints and monitor the problems
  • To share information to staff about booking the services for your consent
  • To keep the track of various complaints received worked on to keep them in proper pattern to access for future use.
  • To provide you with various information about the package brands and various in need of help regarding the services of an appliance.
  • To notify you about changes to our services
  • Marketing purposes