A computer is a machine full of software and hardware the one comprising of a lot of wires microchips and components, while the software is inside those chips installed making them function. The fundamental parts cover CPU, MONITOR, KEYBOARD AND MOUSE. While CPU subparts consist of a motherboard, processor, RAM, hard drive, video adapter and power supply. You basically need all of these to get your computer in a working condition. The CPU is the brain of the computer placed in the rectangular box, inside this box are many electronic components that turns the computer alive. Among such component fit in the CPU is Random Access Memory (RAM), which temporarily stores information that the CPU needs when it is turned ON, while this memory gets deleted once the CPU is turned OFF. Every part of the computer is connected to it parts through some or other wire communication or these days wireless transmission helps in connectivity among them

The Motherboard is the most important unit of the computer while the rest has their own importance in some of the other way. All the rest of the components are connected to the motherboard for It power and are then in the working condition. With motherboard not in the working state, rest of the component don’t work irrespective of their conditions. The CPU being the brain and the motherboard being present in it has all the connectivity to the rest of the component. The storage equipment required for the files of the computer is placed safely along with the (RAM) other components on motherboard. Random Access Memory, is used to read and write the data in the CPU. RAM isn’t capable of storing information but can remember it until it is on. Once you turn off your computer, the memory is lost. The more RAM your computer has, the reading and writing speed increases make the computer fast. A hard drive is used to store all kind of information it. Unlike RAM, a hard drive stores and remembers information even if it power off. The video adapter allows your display device to display a picture from your computer. The motherboard requires Graphic card to support better video formats and to provide good video output. The computer later is provided with added component to its which are equally important as that of the CPU, these component are known as peripheral. The keyboard and mouse are the peripherals connected to the computer which are a lot important as they are used to send the signal to computer.

Laptop(protective major for your personal laptop)
Monitor Your System

There is always one application that you are constantly using or is running that's using all of your RAM and is the one causing your computer to run slowly. If you're using a Mac, open up Finder and search for Activity Monitor. This will let you see which is the apps using the largest percentage of your CPU or the memory. You can either quit that program or delete it entirely to deal with such a problem

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On a Windows machine, if you're the one looking for monitoring resource, then it is one in the task manager. Al you have to do is make sure you only delete the particular app if you know which exactly is the one causing it does, or else you might accidentally delete a vital part of your system unknowingly.

Cool Things Down

Having old MacBook or a window which struggles most during the time of humid and moisty months. Put the laptop on a cooling pad is essential to avid your laptop from freezing or giving a frustrating mindset throughout the work schedule. A cooling pad is very helpful, but also a service from All in 1 service professional is necessary to keep it working fine.

Run a Virus Scan

Malware or spyware is one of the common and times a prime reason/cause of slowdown or lags into a laptop. Running a virus scan once a month is must and is the one that can help you with various malware issues and protect your privacy. If you need suggestions about which anti-virus program to run and which to prefer feel free to contact All in 1 services professional they might help you with the entire setups.

Swap Your Hard Drive for an SSD

If you have an older laptop which has a hard drive too old, swap it for a solid state drive (SSD). SSDs are not as cheap as the traditional hard drive, but they are comparatively faster than that of an average hard drive. That extra speed is nice, but SSDs are also great because they are also more durable than that of hard drives, and also run much quieter in a long duration. Even if you aren't much of a tech-savvy person, you can contact All in 1 services professional they might help you with the entire setups.

Transfer Your Data to the Cloud

Using more than 80% of your available hard drive space the laptop becomes slow. If you are having low space you should get a bigger hard drive or transfer your data to the cloud. If you are having any issue with the procedure you can contact All in 1 services professional they might help you with it.

Check for Free Replacements

At times your model is at fault and there are some issues with all the people using it in such situations the manufacturers often offer free repairs or replacement parts to affected customers. A Google search for your laptop model and "replacement" should turn up offers that are active by the manufacturers or the offers provided to that model. You can either contact the manufacturer directly to avail more of information about replacement programs, or find if the recovery can be done within the period of warranty if it’s in the warranty fulfilling criteria, Mac owners, you can visit the Apple website and know about all of the offers and programs in details.

Replace the Battery

Laptop battery life has changed then what is used to be? Try replacing the battery. Laptop’s battery can degrade over a period of time to the point where it holds only 80% of its original charge and degrade more lately, or even less than that in some cases. A new laptop battery won't be as cheap, but it’s better to still spend less than buying a new laptop.

Install of Your Operating System

If the computer is turned very old, or it is full files, documents and settings that were brought from another laptop to the one which is currently being used, then there is a lot of unwanted junk carried back to new. Wanting to have a fresh start to the new one trying uploading a fresh new operating system. Make sure you have backed up all your data and product keys before installing the new operating system.

Inclusions & Exclusions
  • Consumables parts (if used) will be charged extra apart from the repair cost.
  • Warranty on consumables and parts will be as per manufacturer only and ALL IN 1 Services won’t be any way responsible for the parts warranty.
  • ALL IN 1 Services provides a 10 days warranty on the service provided.
  • For any repair work, a quote will be given before the work starts which won’t be negotiable.
  • ALL IN 1 Services will not be liable for any of the old issues/potential risks reported by the technician and those won’t be handled due to customer refusal to repair the same in the process.
  • All spare part prices differ from models and depend upon availability.
  • Warranty against the work done and not the spare parts.
  • Warranty does not cover damage due to water, high voltage fluctuations or any alteration or tempered by third-party technicians.
  • Plastic, Rubber Parts, Accessories are not covered under Warranty.
  • Cleaning of appliances is not covered in AMC.
  • Unnecessary visit calls shall be chargeable
  • Please ask for and depend on the bill from our Service Engineer or Technicians.
  • Warranty against valid Bill only.
  • Condition apply.

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